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 Australia-Israelite Nation

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PostSubject: Australia-Israelite Nation   Australia-Israelite Nation I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2009 7:02 pm


(The Land Down Under)


Pastor Frank W. Dowsett

SOME 60 years ago, at the tender age of 14, I met a young lass who eventually became my wife. We now have four children, 13 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. I had lived for some years as a child in Papua-New Guinea, and when we returned to Australia we finally settled in a southern suburb of Sydney. In the meantime, my wife's family moved from the north coast of New South Wales to within a short walk from where we had my wife's family moved from the north coast of New South Wales to within a short walk from where we had settled, and both of us ended up attending the same nearby Baptist Church, where we were both converted and baptised. But I have to admit that I eventually got fairly tired of hearing the same kind of message week after week. Added to this was the fact that it was a small church that only qualified for a student pastor. These were changed every two years, the newer pastor then going through the same sermons that we had heard over the past two years. So I gave up going to church.

In June 1945 we were married. But I had a problem. Whilst both our parents were fine Christian folk, my mother-in-law was a dedicated believer in something called 'British-Israel'. The fact that I constantly told her that she was quite mad made absolutely no difference. She had not spoken much to me about this prior to our marriage, but after I had become an official member of the family, she decided it was time that I accepted their beliefs as well as their daughter, and she loaned me a booklet written by a gentlemen named A. J. Ferris titled The Great Pyramid. I still have it in my library. Now my best subjects at school had been English and Mathematics, and that little book changed my whole life around. I soon joined the state branch of the British Israel World Federation, and within a few years was elected as its President, a position that I held, over two separate periods, for some 22 years.

So, apart from my initial training in the primary elements of personal salvation which I had received in the Baptist Church, my entire Bible knowledge from that time onward was based upon our Israel Identity, and the place and importance of Israel in the plans and purposes of God. Thus, for some 50 years I have taught God's Word. I have had the pleasure of preaching our Identity in New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Canada, and the U.S.A., as well as throughout most states in Australia. Prior to being forced into retirement in 1984 for health reasons, I had, for a period of 20 years, travelled extensively overseas, and from east to west and from north to south in Australia as a Building Construction Manager. So I've had the pleasure of seeing quite a bit of this wonderful world of ours, and have been able to enjoy so many of the marvels of God's creation. I often think of His promise recorded in Deuteronomy 32:8; 'When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel.' It is only as we are able to visit these appointed places that we can even begin to understand the fullness of what God has given to us as His people Israel.

Now I realise that I am biased, but I have to admit that in all my travels, and with all the wonderful sights I have seen, such as The Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls, and those wonderful Israel features throughout the British Isles, I have found the beauty and stark contrasts of Australia to be unsurpassed. Australia has an area about the same size as the U.S.A., and not much smaller than Europe. Yet our population is a mere 18 million, mostly spread along the coastal areas. The central regions are a vast desert, second in size only to the Sahara Desert in Africa. The cliffs along so much of our coastline are awe inspiring, intermingled with magnificent sand beaches. I've travelled through much of the inland portions, with the desert stretching as far as the eye can see, dotted throughout with our peculiar desert flora. I've driven through stretches of bulldust, as fine as talcum powder, and come out the other end with a tyre completely shredded. I've worked in some of these areas where the temperature was over 128 degrees Fahrenheit. It's a wonderful country, this land of mine.

Or is it? Can I still say that it is mine? I'm afraid that the Australia in which we grew up, is not the Australia we have today.

We look back on these great old days and realise that something quite terrible has happened. And the worst part of it all is that we have not really noticed it happening. We have become the victims, as is common in all the Israel lands, of a creeping disease called 'gradualism'. Like the old Chinese proverb says,'Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey'. Our enemies are expert in this process. When the Lord said of Israel that 'His servants are blind', He wasn't joking. But we're not only blind, but also totally stupid. Even now when we see what is happening, we ignore it and hope that somehow or other all our troubles will just disappear.

But one of the more serious aspects of our present problems is that most people don't recognise them as problems. We have reached a stage of normality which precludes the recognition and discernment of those things which have replaced the fundamental principles of the Christian Faith upon which our entire national existence was based. In fact, to refer to our nation as a 'Christian Nation' is a total fallacy. And the worst aspect of this lunacy is that we now define Christianity in terms of presently accepted principles and practices. Australia isn't Australia any more. Britain isn't Britain anymore. Arnerica isn't Arnerica anymore. And Christianity isn't Christianity anymore. We have all become what our sworn enemies have made us over a long period of tirne. And most of our people haven't even noticed the difference. Even those who acknowledge that things have changed don't have the ability, much less the desire, to want to restore the old values. The past is now considered to be irrelevant. And having absolutely no knowledge of anything worthwhile with which to replace our present systems, we continue to wallow in the mire of debauchery and crooked politics, which has become our national status quo. In Australia, as in every other Israel nation, disobedience to God and His Commandments and Statutes has become a national pastime. We seemingly try to excel each other, as well as each preceding generation, with the grand aim of who can be and do the worst.

During my speaking tours abroad, one of the most often asked questions to me was in regard to conditions here in Australia. I always had a standard reply. 'Whatever it is like in your country, that's what it is like in ours'. We have to remember that the enemy of God and His people does not have a different set of aims for our various Israel nations. There might be different approaches in order to accommodate different national circumstances, but the overall plan remains constant and totally non-negotiable. It is clearly stated in Psalm 83:2-5;

'For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult. and they that hate thee have lifted up the head. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden (covered) ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent.. they are confederate against thee..'

Here in Australia we are going through a process that has been common to all the 'young lions' of God's appointment. This is the removal of all things British. The labour government of the state of New South Wales has already removed all regal insignia from public buildings and correspondence. I am not aware of the position in other states. But the paranoia of so many of our politicians and public leaders in this area is quite beyond belief. Millions of dollars are being spent by those representing the Republican Movement in order to brainwash our people into accepting their particular ideology which they are forcing down our collective throats. Locally produced television programmes, together with a totally biased press, never miss an opportunity to downgrade, insult, caricature, or otherwise oppose anything British. The Queen, one of whose official titles is 'Queen of Australia', is treated with abject contempt by many influential people, as well as many of the general public. For instance, under the rules of the Olympic committee, the Olympic games must be opened by the 'Head of State' of the host country, which for the 2000 games is Australia. But the Queen has been deliberately ignored in favour of our Prime Minister. There is a concerted push for us to become a Republic, and despite the fact that a referendum has not yet been held, (it is due in November), some authorities are already proceeding on the basis of it having become fact.

And of course, we dare not mention the flag. This, we are assured, is the flag of a foreign nation, with no relevance to us in today's world. The 'Union Jack' in the top left hand corner is as a red rag to a bull with many of our so-called leaders, even in the churches. Our country has nearly been bought out by foreign countries through their multinational companies. Walk down the street and you have a great game of 'spot the Aussie'. Our land is full of Islarnic Mosques and Buddhist Temples. If they can't build a new one, they buy old Christian Churches and convert them to suit their needs, even if only for the tirne being. Elections are 'rigged' in such a way that true, patriotic independent candidates are finding it increasingly difficult to win seats. Our economy, despite protestations to the contrary by our politicians, is going down the tube at a frightening rate of knots.

But I'm sure I don't have to labour these points as you are now reading of your own plight. The enemy has truly come in like a flood. So let us, at the crossroads of our Christian civilisation, 'Look up, and lift up our heads', for our redemption is most certainly nigh at hand. The 'Ensign' is about to be lifted up against these enemies, resulting in their destruction, and the personal reign of the King of Kings upon the Throne of David is about to become a living reality in the lives of His people.
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How The Phoenicians Won The Race By Centuries


Tab Benedict

CAPTAIN Cook discovered Australia alright - for himself But the Phoenicians got there first. The evidence is presented by Val Osborn in a report upon his searchings on Sarina Site, backed by a brief video (available frorn Val Osborn, Lot 8, Armstrong Beach Road, Sarina Queensland 4737, Australia).

He first discovered the complex in 1990 and has established it had all the signs of a typical Phoenician colony settlement of the ancient sea kings dating from around B.C. 1060. There are similar sites around the North African coasts including Carthage and Tyre and Sidon as Mediterranean capitals from around B.C. 1500. The sea king trading era began with the Minos Kings out of Crete and Libya, ending at Carthage approximately B.C. 2000 to B.C. 400.

There is a gap in historical sea lore until the 14th century A.D. and this would not be so regrettable had it not been filled with a whole new idea of Australian origins, politically inspired and fomented.

The Sarina site's importance lies in this fact, says Val Osborn: "Proof of settlements and developments will change palaeontological history of aboriginal origins if evidence arises here of galley slaves utilised for colonisation."

"The argument that Jarnes Cook 'discovered' Australia is fallacious" he goes on. "His ship's log shows that he had maps. His instructions were to reconnoitre the coast for the purpose of colonising."

He was due to build upon others' foundations. A typical Phoenician colony comprised an isthmus with freshwater springs, twin harbours built of stone set in furnace slag cement; houses of mud brick, with adjacent fields for crops of millet and barley. Religious edifices were to god and goddess Bel and Tanit with small shrines of sawn granite to a crude idol. There would also be a tophet cemetery. The sea people traded in exotic wares and supplied navigators with charts unobtainable elsewhere.

Ezekiel 27 and I Kings 10 describe the lifestyle, culture and cargo of such fleets: ivory from Africa, peacocks from India, marmosets from the Amazon, and so on. In ancient maps Australia was already pinpointed as Ophir, Big Java or the Aurea Chersenosis. Ophir gold was highly valued and black opal and sapphires from the region have been found in Nile jewellery. Sites all over Australia have yielded up documents in Egyptian, Hebrew, Phoenician and Ogam script - and yet the authorities shy away from the obvious connection.

Val Osborn notes:

"The Freshwater Point complex is uniquely Phoenician, as are adjacent sites on the Queensland coast. The two artificial harbours meticulously engineered are quite large and represent the labour of many over centuries. Near a ruined jetty are slag heaps from furnaces of gold, mercury and copper ore. Evidence of refining exists on the Sarina Inlet area with a sluice race and an artificial reservoir of water lined with clay, some two acres overall."

He explains:

"Mining was carried out by beating the rock then quenching with water to crack the ore body, levering the ore out and then crushing and refining into ingots. Over a million tonnes of ore have been removed and processed with placer deposits carefully cleaned out."

Osborn adds:

"A further bonanza for a colony could have been the wealth of cowries in the area, known as 'money cowries', worth their weight in gold in antiquity. As well, murex shells indigenous to Phoenicia and the Sarina area exist in abundance, from these shells, the famed Tyrean purple dye was extracted."

He rnarvels:

"The geology within Sarina shrine embraces almost every variation of rock development and mineral formation known to science. Rare earths exist in the ancient sediment as well. Very rare minerals are present along with rare metals and tiny gemstones. The entire area is known to be an unexploited gold and silver field."

Eventually, a choice will have to be made between tourism and Industrial development. And it's not a question for entrepreneurs as most of the complex is Crown land, and decades of archaeological investigation lie ahead. Its isolation makes it vulnerable to collectors and vandals, sophisticated and otherwise. The area is already a magnet. It hosts some 46% of Australian bird species and there is a vast marine life, unique to the area, as yet unexploited.

The Sarina inlet covers some 3 kilometres of coastline with a shipyard, complete with a slip; revelments, walls and gigantic stone fish traps. The cemetery was actually for cremation, bones being interred in amphora. In the mines, blast furnaces constructed of refractory dolomite-slag brick were fed by wind funnelling oxygen from erected sails.
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As to refining, Osborn offers:

"The quarried calcite ore bearing gold, copper or mercury along with quartzite were extracted from the metamorphic zone. It was then mortared by hand to a crushed dust, put through sluices to extract the fines, then packed into small brick kilns constructed of numbered reinforced bricks of refractory dolomite and slag in the usual small refinery manner. Dolomite was mined from the east reefs and ingots of metal cast as wedges or 'ox hides' were then packed in straw as ballast in Phoenician vessels, according to tradition. Reject quarried ore was used to surface roads and landing areas. Slag cement from the blast furnaces on the beach was recycled in jetty construction. In the east jetty, huge andesite boulders taken from adjacent beaches were set in slag cement, presumably in wooden formes. In the north jetty complex, piers were constructed at intervals in the same manner. The Phoenicians were renowned for this type of unique slag cement construction. These andesite boulders do not absorb water and are unable to swell and crack the cement, as the tendency is with other rock."

The harbours exhibit signs of having been used by more recent shipping yet prior to Captain Cook's arrival. "However, Australian history of the last 200 years show no record whatsoever, and local shipping records and news going back to Mackay's founding show no indication of any knowledge of this area as a harbour" says Osborn. "Coastal packet steamers were ignorant of its existence, as are modern mariners including local fishermen. Admiralty maps show the site as an island."

Among the artefacts found is a cast iron tool which is identical with boat building tools depicted on a chiselled stone facade at an ancient shipyard on the Nile. And some granite pieces have handsaw rnarks identical to ancient Egyptian handsaw rnarks in granite.

"The annals of ancient history" observes Osborn "associate the names of Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt and Ethiopia, King Solomon of Israel and Hiram the Phoenician of Tyre with three year voyages to Ophir (as Australia was known around B.C. 1000.). In the era 90 AD, Ophir was stated by historians to be owned by India."

The historian Josephus tells of a cargo fleet setting sail for Ophir in search of a pure white timber for Solomon's Temple. This is Eungella white hazelwood (symplocus spicata) a giant native to Mackay and Fraser Island rainforests.

The vessels themselves were built of Lebanon cedar and Aleppo pine and Bashan oak. Traces of these with their 200 galley slaves at the oars can be found all over Australia. The Sarina site in particular will have a knock-on effect for the whole continent now. But, Osborn cautions, the project is still in its infancy and judgment must be reserved.

This is especially so due to the aboriginal overlay on the Sarina environs. Ethnic groups from the Central coastal region have been identified by custom and physical attributes as originating from the upper Indus (Dravidian) and the African Congo (Negrito), They used the Phoenician foundations, such as the fish traps which could extend over ten acres. But these tribal communities didn't reach above a hundred per settlement, The Phoenicians had to cater for up to two thousand. Hence the aborigines did not build the fish traps to meet their needs, they used the giant installations already in place.

Osborn says:

"The extent of labour required to construct the walls at the north harbour alone has been estimated by a marine engineer at approximately 1000 men working for one year. However, the richness of the ore bodies and gold placer deposits would have justified this outlay of labour."

The Phoenicians depended on fish to feed their galley slaves, origin: Ethiopia. Osborn says carefully:

"The customs of east coast tribes show Mediterranean, African and Indian associations that have long mystified anthropologists, and if the Sarina site proves to be Phoenician, then the origins of Aborigines in Australia requires a thorough re- investigation."
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