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 Holy or Feast Days

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Pastor Chuck Kuhler

WE like to think that “pure” Christianity triumphs over all other beliefs in face-to-face confrontations. I emphasize the word “pure” and assign to that word, the meaning that it is not adulterated in anyway. But is there such a thing as “pure Christianity”? Even while our Saviour was still alive, and increasing in intensity following his crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension back to the Father, the “worms" have been eating into the “wood” of Christian beliefs. These “worms” have introduced the corrupting influence of the “traditions of men.”

At this time we are drawing near to the conclusion of what is referred to as the holiest season of the year, commencing with the observance of “Lent” and ending with the ritual of “Easter.” Now I am not opposed to what the observance of “Easter” is supposed to celebrate - the resurrection of our Saviour. But when you consider all of the trappings and rituals which encumber this observance, it causes some concern. For example, where is “Lent,” mentioned in the Scriptures? It originated with the Roman Church, well towards the end of the first millennium as a time for additional sacrifice, or, in other words, additional giving. If this was of importance, why did the Roman fathers wait almost a thousand years to implement it?

And then there is the “traditional” sunrise service observed mainly by Protestant denominations. Now I realize that on a cool spring morning, just as the sun is ready to break over the horizon this is in itself stimulating in nature. The pagans also realized that fact and celebrated in this same way centuries before Christ Jesus was even born. In John 20:1, we are informed that Mary Magdalene came to the tomb, early, when it was yet dark. Of course, gathering at three or four o’clock in the morning is not quite as stimulating to the soul.

Both the denominational and nondenominational churches realize that “Easter” is derived from the pagan “Ishtar” and yet they persist in celebrating the risen Christ in the name of a pagan deity. Why not drop the pagan word of “Easter” and call the day just what it is - Resurrection Day! Then perhaps we could get away from the Sunday School “Easter-egg” hunts, which are derived from the pagan “fertility rites,” and then we could get away from the chocolate bunnies, another “fertility” rite of pagan theology.

I have spoken to some denominational ministers about this topic, and while some become incensed by the very nature of my question, others will listen and then claim that it is merely an innocent tradition which dates back many centuries. But, is it? They claim that it is all done in the name of worship to the Father and the Son. But just how does the mixing of Christian beliefs and pagan observances give credit to Yahweh?

We will notice in Leviticus 23, the feast days of Yahweh. In 1 Kings 12:32, we find that Jeroboam ordained a feast day on the fifteenth day of the eighth month in contradiction to God’s instructions. Haven’t we in our Christian observances today established these new feast days contrary to the Word of God? In Amos 5:21, we see what the LORD thinks of these contradictions, I hate, I despise your feast days... These are not God’s ordained feast days - these are man’s feast days! What does Yahweh really think of “our festivals”?

I don’t want to discuss at this time the other major observance of Christianity, that of Christmas, the date of which is totally in error, but does meet the celebration of the winter solstice, another pagan observance. And of course it successfully brings Christian money into the coffers of non-Christians, another example of merging Christian with pagan.

The Old Testament looks forward to the New Testament. The Old Testament prophecies point to the future coming of our Saviour. And yet many in churchianity want to do away with the Old Testament.

Short of some divine intervention, I do not see “pure” Christianity ever coming back into denominational practice and acceptance. To overcome almost two thousand years of increasing error is beyond the scope of man. Yes, Christianity has been conquered by paganism, but only because Christianity has been sold out by those corrupt leaders over the centuries. And yes, the Protestants and the Roman Catholics are equally to blame.

You do not celebrate Christianity - you observe the traditions of man. Our lamb without blemish (Christ Jesus) was sacrificed for us, His blood was shed for us. There is no additional sacrifice needed. Would you celebrate Passover this year, not in Jewish style, but as an Israelite, one of God’s elect. If you have any questions write for more information:

Virginia Christian Israelites P.O. Box 109, Round Hill, Virginia 20142

With acknowledgments and thanks to The New Covenant Messenger (Kentucky)
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Holy or Feast Days
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